A life is woven together balanced with many parts. Artist Sue Keown gathers her life through found and made papers, discarded objects, paint and clay, weaving them together to form her pieces and to connect to the centeredness of being. The practice and process of art making is part of her spiritual practice. Visions flow from stillness as she connects to the materials she gathers around her. Heavily influenced by her senses and visceral reactions to places she finds herself, Sue brings those experiences back to the studio, watching as they play out in her work, her hands moving freely through the paint or clay or repetitively weaving images.

Sue believes in empowering and facilitating experiences that guide others to explore their own creative voices and visions. 

                    Her teaching focuses on nurturing confidence and creating a safe environment that supports experimentation, self-direction, and risk taking. She is passionate about the power art making plays in a person’s life, as it continues to impact and change hers.